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Why Choose to Self-Publish at The Author's Community?


The Author's Community Now Offers Self-Publishing

Tens of thousands of authors each year are choosing the self-publishing route for getting their books into the hands of readers. In fact, online self-publishing is the fastest growing publishing option for contemporary authors. These authors are finding that online self-publishing companies offer the exposure, distribution, and marketing resources authors need to accomplish their readership goals.


The Author's Community Self-Publishing Press Advantage

With The Author's Community Self-Published authors retain control of your work and rights - and that's very important. More and more often, The Author's Community Self-Published authors are looking to sell film options for their books; and The Author's Community Self-Published authors are finding an increasingly active market for their international and domestic book rights. Being able to control the destiny of your book gives you complete flexibility to "cash in" if the opportunity presents itself. The Author's Community Self-Published authors are free to negotiate any other rights deals or sell to a traditional publisher at any time.

Another advantage of becoming a The Author's Community Self-Published author is that you retain complete control of your content and input into the design of your book. Plus The Author's Community Self-Publishing Press helps authors bring their books to market more quickly and provides a no cost solution, so you don't have to worry about future royalties to offset up-front cash request by most publishers today. If you're not going to receive a large advance from a traditional publisher, does it really make sense to pursue the traditional publisher route? Why not try publishing The Author's Self-Publishing Press way?


"But Do I have to Pay to Get Published?"

No! This is a public service provided to authors at no cost. The fact is that traditional publishers are offering fewer and smaller advances. Any independent book publisher will tell you, if you're offered a large advance - take the money and run! But you could wait your whole life for one of those elusive fortunes. Why not get your book into the marketplace, in front of readers and industry professionals, and build a following?

Rather than accepting rejection, independent filmmakers and musicians have been for years investing in their works because they believe in them and believe in getting the work finished and to the public. I'm sure without too much thought, you can think of half a dozen films and bands that have hit the big time after going the independent route. The question is would have that happened had they never given audiences the opportunity to decide if their work was good?

That's the opportunity The Author's Community Self-Publishing Press provides authors. If your goal is to get published, waiting patiently for another round of rejection letters is not going to get you any closer to that goal. Get your book out to readers and let them decide if they like it. So it's time to take control of your book's destiny. The Author's Community Self-Publishing Press can help you reach your publishing goals.


"But I Want to Make Money from My Book"

The publishing industry is not set up that way. They are setup to make the money first and then after you have sold a 1,000 copies of your book you can start receiving a small percentage. Most publishers want you to pay hundreds of dollars up-front to agree to publish your book. Additionally, you will most likely have to pay for cover art, placement, promotional campaigns, table placement at book fairs, etc.. By the time all is done, you will have entered in to a part-time job promoting your book, and have had given thousands to your publisher before ever making $1 back from them.

Why hassle with all that? Publishing your book should be liberating, not burdensome. Let The Author's Community Self-Publishing Press do it all for you, getting your book in the hands of readers, freeing yourself to write you next book. After all isn't that the point of it anyway?


Where Will You Do Your First Book Signing?

Have you thought about doing a book signing yet? Where were you thinking of having one? A local book store? A library? A book fair? Maybe a coffee shop? You could even give an online PDF books signing event. There is any number of places that might work. Where ever you decide, use The Author's Community Self-Publishing Press to deliver the books for your event, by having attendees go to your Member Page directly. There is no need to pay for printing or carry around a stack of physical books, just have your attendees download the digital book directly and do the whole event right on the attendees smart phones and mobile devices. Bring the event to them, and let them be able to carry your book with them where ever they go.


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