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Commentaries on the Epistles to Timothy, Titus, And Philemon

By: Calvin, John, 1509-1564

... COMMENTARIES ON THE EPISTLES by JOHN CALVIN Classic Literature Collection World Public Library.or... ... Title: COMMENTARIES ON THE EPISTLES TO TIMOTHY, TITUS AND PHILEMON Author: JOHN CALVIN Language: English Subject: Fiction, Literature Publisher: W... ...ITUTED IN MAT JI.DCCC.XIIII. FOR PUBLICATION OF TRANSLATIONS OF THE WORKS OF JOHN CALVIN. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, ONE POUND, PATABIE IN ADVANCE ON IST JA... ...^dtlUv/ c ' COMMENTARIES ON THE EPISTLES TO TIMOTHY, TITDS, AND PHILEMON. BY JOHN CALVIN. TRANSLATED FROM THE ORIGINAL LATIN, BY THE REV. WILLIAM PRIN... ...T, EAEL OF HERTFORD, &C., PROTECTOR OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND, AND ROYAL TUTOR, JOHN CALVIN OFFERS HIS SALUTATIONS. The brilliant reputation, most noble ... ...y of this passage might be removed, first, by the transposition suggested by Calvin, and, next, by transposing tlie 5tli verse so as to place it befor...

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